Top 6 Wine Destinations in the World for Oenophiles

For oenophiles, nothing can be a more interesting place to visit than wine regions. No doubt every year more and more wine destinations sprout up, but some places have a specific standard. Places like Seneca Lake wine trail are great wine destinations for oenophiles to explore. Here is the list of top wine destinations. Just move on to explore the great world of winemakers and surprise your loved ones with a romantic trip full of awesome wine destinations.

British Columbia

British Columbia is considered as a major wine destination as it has more than 200 wineries. The wineries are set amongst sparkling lakes, spectacular sceneries, and golden deserts. The wine festival at British Columbia attracts wine lovers from all over the world. The winery restaurants here offer you the ultimate blend of wine and food. You can also enjoy swimming, golf, and biking. The vacation rentals in British Columbia can make your stay as comfortable as possible giving a feel of staying at home.

South Africa

Simon van der Stel of South Africa is considered the perfect initial point for wine tippling tours. If you ever visit South Africa, don’t miss to visit a certified biodynamic winery that is famous for Reyenke wines. Many wineries in South Africa provide additional attractions like carriage rides and wildlife adventures.


Kosher wine is the recognition of Israel and passionate oenophiles are just crazy about it. But, new generation winemakers are popping up with small wineries all over the country, which has dropped down the kosher image of Israel. Most of the novel wineries are set in the Golan Heights and Judean Hills regions. Other visiting places nearby are Negev, Samson, and Sharon Plain.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley is known as the best wine producer at the world level. It is the right place for a weekend trip as it has quaint towns, elegant lodging, and great tasting rooms. You can explore the entire valley by hiking, biking, or walk. Napa Valley houses 400 excellent wineries.

Maui, Hawai

Hawaiian Island is known for producing delicious wine since approximately fifty years. MauiWine, which is located 2000 feet above sea level, offers a variety of wines such as citrusy white, light-bodied reds, and sparkling wines that are made using the traditional champagne technique. If you get a chance to visit the place, don’t forget to taste refreshing and sweet pineapple wine made up with the juice of special Maui Gold pineapples.


Okanagan Valley of Canada offers a lot for wine travelers. The area has 120 wineries along with beautiful views, different sports, and great hospitality. These wineries are stretched across thousands of acres where you can access a diverse range of wines. Prince Edward Country is another famous wine region in Canada. You will find traditional fantastic wines here. Hibernation system is employed by the winegrowers to bury wines underground in order to ensure frost protection.

Enjoy the best wine tourism around the world by visiting these destinations – explore the vineyards, observe winemaking, and taste the best wines to enjoy a giddy and memorable holiday!

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